PharoJS Documentation

ESUG 2016 Conference, Monday 22nd August, Prague, Czech Republic

Abstract: PharoJS is an infrastructure (framework + middleware + tools) that allows developping and testing in Smalltalk for applications that will ultimately run on a Javascript interpreter. Unlike to Amber, that runs inside a web browser, PharoJS is built on top of Pharo. Apps are initially buit in the image as pure Pharo objects that run on the Smalltalk virtual machine. The PharoJS middleware allows interacting remotely with third party Javascript objects running on a web browser, or interacting with a web view, particularly for mobile apps. Such interactions are used only during tests. Ultimately, the Smalltalk code is converted to Javascript. So, at the production stage, only a Javascript interpreter is required to run the app. In this talk, we present the current status of PharoJS and its implementation. Through an example, we describe the application development process, with a focus on tests and TDD.

Download the ZIP archive with files used for demo.

PharoJS from ESUG