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Success Stories

PharoJS is intended for real world applications. We provide here a list of projects that we are aware of. Please let us know (Twitter @pharojs) if your app is not on the list.

Covid-19 Tracker

Track the Covid-19 Pandemic

Web app that show graphs for cases, deaths and recoveries for the Covid-19 all around the world. Choose multiple countries and regions to compare them.

Retreives the latest COVID-19 data from John Hopkins University's repository on GitHub.

Brain Treats

Your Daily Dose of Fun Facts

Swipe left or right to navigate a database of astonishing facts and real amazing anecdotes. You can share via your favorite messaging app, your preffered facts.

Mobile app for both iOS and Android, based on Apache Cordova

Farmers Market

Find Fresh Locally Grown Food

This app provides geo-coding to allow you find nearby farmers markets. It relies on Google Maps for GPS navigation to guide you to your preferred market where you can buy fresh food directly from farmers.

Mobile app for both iOS and Android, based on Apache Cordova

MatterJs Physics Simulation

Gravity in Action

This demo shows that PharoJS can integrate JS code from a third-party library. In this case, the library is the MatterJS physics engine

Other apps are under development and will be listed here soon. Please let us know (Twitter @pharojs) if you are aware of some project that should be on the list.